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knowledge to change the world
Formanites Educational Consultants Ltd is a leading consultancy firm backed by more than five years of experience. FEC aims to provide vibrant and reliable education solutions. We enlighten students about overseas education and work as a bridge between students and international universities. We assist our clients to overcome the hurdles they face while undergoing the education process abroad.

CEO's Open Message

“if education is expensive, try ignorance”

Every skill pays you off, no matter what it is! Education stays above all. The better you are skilled, the better the opportunities! Being enrolled in the best universities of the world is no more a hard nut.

Study abroad is a holistic astute, a degree above than just certifications and qualifications that expands your personal career to echelon and extends the horizons of experience as the diversity of course choices, more chances to be employable and international exposure provides you an unprecedented savvy.

Earning a graduate degree abroad enhances the maturity and venerability of your CV in equation to the counterparts, develops social and professional network adding technical skills and practical work experiences to your profile.

I am highly confident that our professional team will suffice high quality services and our experts will present the most suitable, acceptable, and practical piece of advice to our esteemed clients. Aspiring to cultivate the heights of global standards, our professionalism aims at the understanding our client’s mindset, so that the results are as per their demand. Our keen and vigilant eye is also on the transitions that are taking place in the industry, so that we can accordingly equip ourselves to meet the transforming trends. To keep ourselves at par with the everchanging standards, we never slack in picking up the very best of human resource that is there to do for us. I am thoroughly privileged and pleased to see how our company is managing the juxtaposition of very best suited human capital with your unique and subtle requirements in a most conducive working environment.

We will be more than pleased to have your enquiries and to provide an appropriate and prompt feedback to that. On behalf of Formanites Educational Consultancy Ltd. I assure you of our very best services that we provide by integrating care and perseverance, while providing you the very best of solutions.

We will strive always to provide clear insights to the path of success.


“education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” – john dewey

Our mission is to become the first priority for every individual who wants to seek guidance regarding academic and professional careers. We strive to accomplish this mission through hard work, dedication, faithful service to our clients and empowerment of our team. FEC also has some long-term plans lined up to expand the horizon of our services. This plan includes immigration, Permanent Residency, Visit Visas and Group Tours.


FEC has the ultimate vision of becoming one of the top student consultancy firms in the country. Our vision includes providing quality assistance to every student. We aim to provide a whole world of opportunities under one roof and build a career for those who want to pursue international education. We strive to assist our clients so that they achieve their career goals and excel towards prosperity and success beyond limits.


Our primary purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction by unveiling the best opportunities’ in front of students and help them opt for suitable global universities. 

Let us transform your dreams into reality with our expert services because we believe that “Education is the movement from darkness to light”